Annual India CLEN Conference - Announcement

Dear Indiaclen Colleagues,

I extend warm greetings to all of you on September 12, the IndiaClen Day. On this day, in 1991, IndiaClen was registered as a society with the hopes to continue the mission of the network. From this year a decision has been made to celebrate 12 September as IndiaClen Day so that all the members are reminded of our mission and vision and stand united, at least once a year. I have been informed that many Clinical Epidemiology Units (CEUs) are celebrating IndiaClen day with fervor. I hope this tradition will take roots and strengthen with each passing year.

Celebrations require only a spirit of dedication and commitment to the parent body, IndiaClen. IndiaClen has a long history of excellence in research and teaching. We have seen a financially stable and secure past where committed funds came to us from various sources. We were lucky. Now time has come to generate our resources and maintain our identity as a network of epidemiologists from various disciples working for the benefit of India as well as rest of the world.

For cohesiveness, growth, sustainability and for fulfilling our mission and vision IndiaClen has launched its official journal “Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health”. Please visit this site at Our journal will give IndiaClen a wide national and international visibility and recognition as a body of eminent and proficient academic researchers. I urge you all to support our Journal by sending articles and raising funds for it through advertisements. Efforts of each and every one will count and all of us together can revitalize and rejuvenate IndiaClen.

I again send you greetings on IndiaClen Day. I end by reaffirming my faith that each and every one of you in your individual as well as collective capacity will work for IndiaClen.

– Shally Awasthi, President IndiaClen, 12th September 2012


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