Standard Operating Procedures for IndiaCLEN (download pdf)


IndiaCLEN offers a unique resource as a network of health professionals well trained in a range of disciplines who apply their understanding of efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency to improving health systems at different levels of health care in the country. Over the years collaborative research that addresses important practices and policies have been fostered and training and continuing education activities have been expanded. To maximize the likelihood that the network functions cohesively and follows a system of governance that is both democratic and transparent, a set of standard operating procedures have been developed. Rather than act as stumbling blocks to the efficient functioning of an organization, these guidelines, we believe, will lay down appropriate and acceptable norms that will facilitate efficient functioning. In addition it will help set up a system that will ensure that all the activities of the network follow set procedures which will help sustain the integrity of the network.


1. Research in Post Graduate Article in Press March 2015|For PARELLEL WORKSHOPS Click here.

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