Research in areas of National Priority Public Health Development and Evaluation

»Integrated Disease Surveillance.

»National AIDS Control Programme (NACP III & IV)

»Pulse Polio Immunization

»Family Health Awareness Programme.

»Janine Sureksha Yojana.

»Childhood Pneumonia Management.

Policy relevant Research

»IBIS/SAPNA projects in Vaccinology in Acute Respiratory Infection.

»Injection Safety in different levels of Health Care.

» Antimicrobial resistance monitoring and development of AMR.

» Child and Adolescent development programmes.

Community prevalence of HIV and STD.

Capacity Building for Public Health

»Basic and advanced Biostatistics Training.

»Laboratory quality control training

»Health social science training

»Development of safe injections Centres

PG Programmes

»M.Phil in Clinical Epidemiology at CERTC Trivandrum.

»MSc in Clinical Epidemiology at CMC Vellore and MSc in Epidemiology and TN Dr.MGR Medical University Chennai.




1. Research in Post Graduate Article in Press March 2015|For PARELLEL WORKSHOPS Click here.

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