We are dedicated to improving the health of the people by promoting clinical practice based on the best evidence of effectiveness and the efficient use of resources. We achieve this through a network of physicians, biostatisticians and social scientists who work together to build and sustain institutional capacity for excellence and relevance in research and medical education.

India CLEN is a registered Society since 1991 (No. 052910283) in Trivandrum.

Network of Academic Health Care researchers across 135 Medical colleges/Institutions in India including IPEN.

Clinical epidemiology units a unique structure in 17 Medical Institutions with 350 members.

India CLEN a model of public-private partnership for promoting clinical epidemiology and improving health in India.

Partners: Population Foundation of India, National Institute of Health and Family Welfare, National Institute of Communicable Diseases, National Institute of Epidemiology, National AIDS Control Organization and Centre for Disease Control.


1. Research in Post Graduate Article in Press March 2015|For PARELLEL WORKSHOPS Click here.

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